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Responsible AI

The mission of the Responsible AI and Human Centered Technology (RAI-HCT) team is to conduct research and develop methodologies, technologies, and best practices to ensure AI systems are built responsibly.

About the team

We want to ensure that AI, and its development, have a positive impact on everyone, including marginalized communities. To meet this goal, we research and develop technology with a human-centered perspective, building tools and processes that put our AI Principles into practice at scale. Working alongside diverse collaborators, including our partner teams and external contributors as we strive to make AI more transparent, fair, and useful to diverse communities. We also seek to constantly improve the reliability and safety of our entire AI ecosystem.

Our intention is to create a future where technology benefits all users and society.

What we do

  • Foundational Research: Build foundational insights and methodologies that define the state-of-the-art of Responsible AI development across the field
  • Impact at Google: Collaborate with and contribute to teams across Alphabet to ensure that Google’s products are built following our AI Principles
  • Democratize AI: Embed a diversity of cultural contexts and voices in AI development, and empower a broader audience with consistent access, control, and explainability
  • Tools and Guidance: Develop tools and technical guidance that can be used by Google, our customers, and the community to test and improve AI products for RAI objectives

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