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Katherine Heller


Katherine is a research scientist in Responsible AI at Google Research, and a member of Context in AI Research (CAIR) team. She works on Machine Learning (ML) research in Healthcare, Vision, Language, and Creativity, focusing on incorporating values for Transparency, Inclusivity, Fairness, and Robustness in our research. Prior to joining Google, she was Statistical Science faculty at Duke University, where she developed a sepsis detection system now in use at Duke University Hospital, and a nationally released iOS app which tries to complete the picture of peoples' Multiple Sclerosis course between clinic visits. Katherine received a BS in CS and Applied Math from SUNY Stony Brook, an MS in CS from Columbia University, and a PhD in Machine Learning from the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unity at UCL. She was then a postdoc on an EPSRC fellowship in Engineering at the University of Cambridge, and an NSF postoc fellow in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT.

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