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The Global Networking (GN) team is responsible for the design, development, build and operation of the networks that connect our data centers to our customers.

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The Global Networking (GN) team is responsible for the design, development, build and operation of Google’s global network that every Google service, including the Google Cloud Platform, runs on. We develop cutting-edge networking technologies that allow Google's global WAN to be zero touch, builds out some of the largest scale Software Defined Networks (SDNs) infrastructure ever deployed (B4, Espresso), scales Google's global Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) that supports Google services, develops sophisticated software systems for network capacity forecasting, planning and optimization.

We continuously expand the reach of Google's network across the world laying new optical fibers and building hundreds of points of presence worldwide. This global footprint allows us to optimize the end-to-end speed and reliability of the traffic that we carry for our users and for Google Cloud customers, delivering optimal performance.

In doing all this, we develop and rely on the most advanced techniques in network hardware and software, traffic engineering, and network management to deliver unprecedented scale, availability and performance at industry leading cost points. Additionally, we are also advancing the state of the art in data analytics and machine learning to drive network efficiency and optimization at scale.

Google has a long history of fundamental research in networking, and we have recently engaged in a collaborative research effort with NSF and other industrial partners to launch a $40 million program in academic research for Resilient and Intelligent Next-Generation (NextG) Systems, or RINGS. In addition to funding, Google will offer expertise, research collaborations, infrastructure, and in-kind support for researchers and students as they advance knowledge and progress in the field. See our blog post for additional information.

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