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Christophe Diot


Christophe Diot received a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from INP Grenoble in 1991. Diot pioneered diffserv, single source multicast, epidemic communication, peer-to-peer online games, and most importantly Internet measurements. After INRIA (years 93-98 in Sophia Antipolis), Diot spent his career in industry, building R&D labs at Sprint (Bay area), INTEL Research (Cambridge), and Technicolor (Paris and Palo Alto). He was the Chief Scientist at Technicolor between 2009 and 2015. He helped launch Safran Analytics as their CTO before joining GOOGLE in june 2018 as Principal Engineer in the Network Architecture team. At GOOGLE, Diot deals with telemetry at scale in the cloud infrastructure. Since January 2020, Diot is the Technical Lead of the Network Analytics team in the Google Global Networks organization. Diot has around 40 patents and more than 300 publications in major conferences and journals. He is an ACM fellow.

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