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Yossi Matias


Yossi Matias is Vice President, Engineering & Research, at Google. He leads global teams working on impact-driven research, innovation, and moonshots, advancing AI to solve challenges relating to healthcare, generative AI, and the climate crisis.

Yossi is the global exec lead of Google’s Health AI, driving research to help transform Health, and help make healthcare more accessible for everyone, with multiple breakthroughs including Med-PaLM. He is the global lead of Google’s Crisis Response initiative (SOS alerts, flood forecasting, wildfire detection), serves on Google’s sustainability board and leading the use of AI to help address the climate crisis. His work on Conversational AI led to innovations towards ambient intelligence and helped remove communication barriers (e.g., Google Duplex, Call Screen, Live Caption, Live Relay, Euphonia, Hold for Me, Read Aloud). He is a founding lead of Google’s AI for Social Good, Google for Startup Accelerator (with particular focus on AI & ML), Startups for Sustainable Development and Mind the Gap. He pioneered an initiative of bringing online hundreds of heritage collections (including the Dead Sea Scrolls), and helped establish Google’s Cultural Institute.

For over a decade Yossi was on Google’s Search leadership, driving strategic features and technologies (Autocomplete, Google Trends, Search Console, and Search experiences in weather, sports, dictionary and more). He is the founding managing director of Google’s center in Israel, (growing it to over 2500 on staff), supported Google’s growth (4X) in Bangalore, India, and oversees Google’s Expanding, Research Center in Africa, .

Yossi is on the Computer Science faculty at Tel Aviv University, and previously a Research Scientist at Bell Labs and visiting professor at Stanford. He’s published over 150 papers and is the inventor of over 70 patents. He pioneered some of the early technologies for internet privacy, contextual search, and the effective analysis of Big Data. He is a recipient of the Godel Prize, an ACM Fellow, and a recipient of the ACM Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award for seminal work on streaming algorithms, data sketches, and large-scale data analytics

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