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Mario Callegaro


Mario Callegaro is user experience survey researcher at Google UK, London, in the Cloud Platform User Experience team (CPUX). He works on any survey related projects within his organization. He also consults with numerous other internal teams regarding survey design, sampling, questionnaire design and online survey programming and implementation. Mario holds a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Survey Research and Methodology from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Prior to joining Google, Mario was working as survey research scientist for now Ipsos KnowledgePanel previously known as Knowledge Networks KnowledgePanel. Current research areas: user experience research, web survey design, smartphone surveys, survey paradata, and questionnaire design in which he has published numerous papers, book chapters and conference presentations. He published (May 2014) an edited Wiley book titled Online Panel Research: A Data Quality Perspective together with Reginald P. Baker, Jelke Bethlehem, Anja S. Göritz, Jon A. Krosnick and Paul J.. Lavrakas. Mario also completed a book titled: "Web survey methodology" with Katja Lozar-Manfreda and Vasja Vehovar from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, published by Sage in June 2015 which is also available as open access PDF and Epub at this Sage URL:

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