Recent Books and Journals Articles in Public Opinion, Survey Methods, Survey Statistics, Big Data, Data Science, and User Experience Research. 2022 Update

Survey Practice, 16(2023)


Welcome to the 15th edition of this column on recent books and journal articles in the field of public opinion, survey methods, survey statistics, Big Data, data science and user experience research. Special issues of journals have a space in this article because, in our view, they are like edited books. We also added review papers from the journal series of Annual Reviews because these papers are seminal state of the art write ups, a mini book, if you wish on a specific subject. This article is an update of the books and journals published in the 2021 article. Like the previous year, the books are organized by topic; this should help the readers to focus on their interests. You will note that we use very broad definitions of public opinion, survey methods, survey statistics, Big Data, data science, and user experience research. This is because there are many books published in different outlets that can be very useful to the readers of Survey Practice, even if they do not come from traditional sources of survey content. It is unlikely we have exhaustively listed all new books in each subcategory; we did our best scouting different resources and websites, but we take full responsibility for any omissions. The list is also focused only on books published in the English language and available for purchase (as an ebook or in print) at the time of this review (October 2023) and with the printed copyright year of 2022. Books are listed based on the relevance to the topic, and no judgment is made in terms of quality of the content. We let the readers do so. If you want to send information for the next issue, please send it to