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Richard Sproat


From January, 2009, through October 2012, I was a professor at the Center for Spoken Language Understanding at the Oregon Health and Science University.

Prior to going to OHSU, I was a professor in the departments of Linguistics and Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I was also a full-time faculty member at the Beckman Institute. I still hold adjunct positions in Linguistics and ECE at UIUC.

Before joining the faculty at UIUC I worked in the Information Systems and Analysis Research Department headed by Ken Church at AT&T Labs --- Research where I worked on Speech and Text Data Mining: extracting potentially useful information from large speech or text databases using a combination of speech/NLP technology and data mining techniques.

Before joining Ken's department I worked in the Human/Computer Interaction Research Department headed by Candy Kamm. My most recent project in that department was WordsEye, an automatic text-to-scene conversion system. The WordsEye technology is now being developed at Semantic Light, LLC. WordsEye is particularly good for creating surrealistic images that I can easily conceive of but are well beyond my artistic ability to execute.

More info --- and many more publications --- on my external website here.

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