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Climate and sustainability

Leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to address climate change and help build a sustainable future for all.

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Climate change is an urgent threat to humanity with far-reaching societal and economic consequences. Our climate and sustainability teams harness the power of AI to address this challenge, as part of Google's long-standing commitment to climate action.

AI has expanded the type of information we can apply to deep computing power and unlocked an increasing number of methods for interpreting information and creating groundbreaking innovations. It enables us to identify previously impossible solutions to climate challenges — from reducing greenhouse gas emissions in cities to building models that improve our ability to predict and respond to climate-driven natural disasters.

Google Research is leading multiple climate and sustainability efforts in various stages of development, and we continue to explore innovations to accelerate progress in this space. As part of our mission to build a safer, more sustainable future for all, we collaborate closely with cities, governments, startups and aid organizations.

Our Climate and Sustainability team is global, with researchers, partners and projects spanning the US, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Learn more below about how we are using AI to improve the lives of billions of people worldwide.

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