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PaLI-X: On Scaling up a Multilingual Vision and Language Model

Josip Djolonga
Piotr Padlewski
Basil Mustafa
Carlos Riquelme
Yi Tay
Siamak Shakeri
Daniel Salz
Michael Tschannen
Mandar Joshi
Filip Pavetić
Anurag Arnab
Yuanzhong Xu
Keran Rong
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR) (2024)


We explore the boundaries of scaling up a multilingual vision and language model, both in terms of size of the components and the breadth of its training task mixture. Our model achieves new levels of performance on a wide-range of varied and complex tasks, including multiple image-based captioning and question-answering tasks, image-based document understanding and few-shot (in-context) learning, as well as object detection, video question answering, and video captioning. Our model advances the state-of-the-art on most vision-and-language benchmarks considered (20+ of them). Finally, we observe emerging capabilities, such as complex counting and multilingual object detection, tasks that are not explicitly in the training mix.

Research Areas