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Slav Petrov


I am a Principal Scientist / Research Director at Google leading teams that conduct natural language processing and machine learning research with applications to question answering, machine translation and information extraction. We recently released SyntaxNet/Parsey McParseface and his Cousins. Here is a somewhat outdated high-level talk about my work in general. I also teach Statistical Natural Language Processing at New York University. I completed my PhD at UC Berkeley, where I worked with Dan Klein. Here is a vaguely current curriculum vitae.

I grew up in Berlin, Germany, but I am originally from Sofia, Bulgaria. I therefore consider myself a Berliner from Bulgaria. Whenever Bulgaria plays Germany in soccer, I support Bulgaria.

Some awards I have received:
  • Outstanding Paper Award at ACL 2016
  • Meta-Net Seal of Recognition 2016
  • John Atanasoff Award by the President of Bulgaria 2014
  • Google Citizenship Award 2013
  • Best Paper Award at NAACL 2012
  • Best Paper Award at ACL 2011
  • World Champion at RoboCup 2004

See also my personal webpage for more information (including presentation slides).

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