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About the team

History of research breakthroughs

Google Brain started in 2011 at X as an exploratory lab and was founded by Jeff Dean, Greg Corrado and Andrew Ng, along with other engineers and is now part of Google Research. Since then, we continually rethink our approach to machine learning and are proud of our breakthroughs, which include:

  • AI infrastructure (developing TensorFlow)
  • Sequence-to-sequence learning, leading to Transformers and BERT
  • AutoML, pioneering automated machine learning for production use

Our research breakthroughs enable Google’s mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google impact

As part of Google and Alphabet, the Brain team has access to resources and unparalleled collaboration opportunities that have a positive impact on products and society. Our broad and fundamental research goals allow us to collaborate with and contribute to many teams across Alphabet, which deploy our cutting-edge technology into products used by billions of users, positively impacting society and the research community.

Open and bottom-up culture

We believe that openly disseminating research is critical to a healthy exchange of ideas, leading to rapid progress in the field.

As such, we regularly publish our research at top academic conferences and journals, and release our tools, such as TensorFlow and Jax, as open-source projects.

Team members are encouraged to set their own research goals, allowing the Brain team to maintain a portfolio of projects across varied time horizons, research areas and levels of risk.

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