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Diabatic gates for frequency-tunable superconducting qubits

Rami Barends
A.G. Petukhov
Yu Chen
Kostyantyn Kechedzhi
Roberto Collins
Frank Carlton Arute
Kunal Arya
Jimmy Chen
Ben Chiaro
Andrew Dunsworth
Brooks Foxen
Austin Fowler
Rob Graff
Trent Huang
Fedor Kostritsa
Dave Landhuis
Anthony Megrant
Xiao Mi
Josh Mutus
Charles Neill
Eric Ostby
Amit Vainsencher
Jamie Yao
Ping Yeh
Vadim Smelyanskiy
John Martinis
Physical Review Letters, vol. 123 (2019), pp. 210501


We demonstrate diabatic two-qubit gates with Pauli error rates down to 4.3(2)*10^{-3} in as fast as 18 ns using frequency-tunable superconducting qubits. This is achieved by synchronizing the entangling parameters with minima in the leakage channel. The synchronization shows a landscape in gate parameter space that agrees with model predictions and facilitates robust tune-up. We test both iSWAP-like and CPHASE gates with cross-entropy benchmarking. The presented approach can be extended to multibody operations as well.

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