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Shumin Zhai


Shumin Zhai is a Human-Computer Interaction research scientist at Google where he leads and directs research, design, and development of input methods and haptics systems on Google’s and its partner’s flagship products. His research career has contributed to foundational models and understandings of human-computer interaction as well as practical user interface inventions and products based on his scientific and technical insights. He originated and led the SHARK/ShapeWriter project at IBM Research and a start-up company that pioneered the touchscreen word-gesture keyboard paradigm, filing the first patents of this paradigm, publishing the first generation of scientific papers, releasing the first word-gesture keyboard in 2004 and a top ranked (6th) iPhone app called ShapeWriter WritingPad in 2008. His publications have won the ACM UIST Lasting Impact Award and a IEEE Computer Society Best Paper Award, among others. He served as the 4th Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, and frequently contributes to other academic boards and program committees. He received his Ph.D. degree at the University of Toronto in 1995. In 2006, he was selected as one of ACM's inaugural class of Distinguished Scientists. In 2010 he was named Member of the CHI Academy and Fellow of the ACM.

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