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David Reitter


David Reitter studies "how the mind works". His research interests cover diverse areas of computational cognitive science, and, most specifically, how people process natural language, and how they engage in natural dialogue with other humans and with machines. Using natural-language processing and artificial intelligence, Reitter has been among the first to examine the psycholinguistics of dialogue using large-scale observational datasets. David Reitter has authored more than 80 papers in both cognitive psychology and computer science, as well as Aquamacs, a widely used software package. Dr. Reitter is on leave as a tenured associate professor at Penn State, where he directs a research group on computational cognition and language processing. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh (for work on mutual adaptation in dialog), prior degrees in linguistics and computer science, and was a fellow at MIT's Media Lab Europe (working on multimodal user interfaces) and a post-doc at Carnegie Mellon University (working on cognitive modeling).

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