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Ben Caine


Ben joined Google (Machine Perception) as an AI Resident as part of the 2018 cohort. His research interests lie at the intersection of semantics, geometry, and motion as used to build computer vision systems, and their use for scene understanding. Additionally, he is interested in using machine learning to replace expensive sensors, self supervised learning, and designing models that better fit deployment workloads.

Prior to Google, Ben was a Software Engineer at a startup in Boston working on autonomous vehicle research and development. There, he designed and wrote on-board software for scene understanding, robotic mapping, and online localization. Before that, he received a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University, and while in school worked at several startups as a Software Engineer both in Boston and San Francisco.

Interest in the field was initially sparked by a fascination with self driving cars, and that interest was broadened while working on them. Now, Ben is excited to use the residency as an opportunity to transition from implementing and deploying cutting edge algorithms to helping invent them.

Outside of work, he is interested in public policy, politics, and the impact of technology on the society at large. A native of New England, Ben is a devoted Red Sox fan, an avid skier, and a mediocre surfer.

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