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Abigail Annkah


Abigail has a background in Mathematics and Statistics from her undergraduate studies at the University of Ghana, Legon, in Accra. Recently, she ended a Master’s degree in Machine Intelligence at the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Kigali, Rwanda. Abigail hopes to exploit the fields of Computer Vision and Optimization and is excited about collaborations that promises to impact in the lives of Africans mainly, and beyond. Major works done, prior to residency at Google, include the Application of Image Analysis to Microbial Images to understand better how Listeria monocytogenes develops resistance to natural antimicrobials, Spatio-temporal modelling and Malaria prediction in Sub-Saharan Africa and Image Denoising using the Diffusion Equations with explicit numerical methods. During her residency at Google she intends to explore Representation Learning with applications in the domain of Computer Vision. In her leisure time, she enjoys taking long walks, watching movies, listening to music, visiting new places and trying different cuisines.

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