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Kathryn S. McKinley


Kathryn S. McKinley is a Senior Staff Research Scientist at Google. She was previously a Principal Research at Microsoft and an Endowed Professor of Computer Science at The University of Texas at Austin. She received her BA, MS, and PhD from Rice University. Her research interests span programming language design and implementation, runtimes, architecture, performance, and energy efficiency. She and her collaborators have produced several widely used tools: the DaCapo Java Benchmarks (31,800+ downloads), TRIPS Compiler, Hoard memory manager, MMTk memory management toolkit, Immix garbage collector, and the SHIM fine-grain profiler. Her research contributions have been recognized with several Test of Time Awards, CACM Research Highlights, IEEE MICRO Top Pick awards, and best paper awards. She has graduated 22 PhD students. Dr. McKinley was honored to testify to the House Science Committee (Feb. 14, 2013) and serve on the CRA Board and CRA-WP Board (including as CRA-W co-chair). She is an IEEE and ACM Fellow.

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