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Our goal is to leverage Google expertise and resources to advance understanding of the structure and function of the brain.

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A major hypothesis in modern neuroscience is that neuron-to-neuron connectivity structure in the brain can be linked to function -- how the brain encodes memories, extracts features from perceptual stimuli, and makes decisions. However, the structure of these brain networks has remained largely unknown, due to technical difficulties involved in imaging and reconstructing the brain in 3D.

New microscopy techniques have begun to address the challenge of imaging the brain in 3D at nanometer resolution, and 4D at cellular resolution, but this has led to a huge bottleneck in the subsequent step of data analysis. Our goal is to help solve some of these data analysis problems and thus enable a high-throughput approach to studying the network architecture of the brain.

In order to facilitate this work we collaborate with the Max Planck Institute, HHMI Janelia Research Campus, Harvard University, and other organizations.

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