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Webly-supervised Video Recognition by Mutually Voting for Relevant Web Images and Web Video Frames

Chuang Gan
Lixin Duan
Boqing Gong
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) (2016) (to appear)
Google Scholar


Video recognition usually requires a large amount of training samples, which are expensive to be collected. An alternative and cheap solution is to draw from the large-scale images and videos from the Web. With modern search engines, the top ranked images or videos are usually highly correlated to the query, implying the potential to harvest the labeling-free Web images and videos for video recognition. However, there are two key difficulties that prevent us from using the Web data directly. First, they are typically noisy and may be from a completely different domain from that of users’ interest (e.g. cartoons). Second, Web videos are usually untrimmed and very lengthy, where some query-relevant frames are often hidden in between the irrelevant ones. A question thus naturally arises: to what extent can such noisy Web images and videos be utilized for labeling-free video recognition? In this paper, we propose a novel approach to mutually voting for relevant Web images and video frames, where two forces are balanced, i.e. aggressive matching and passive video frame selection. We validate our approach on three large-scale video recognition datasets.

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