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GLA in MediaEval 2018 Emotional Impact of Movies Task

MediaEval 2018 Multimedia Benchmark Workshop


The visual and audio information from movies can evoke a variety of emotions in viewers. Towards a better understanding of viewer impact, we present our methods for the MediaEval 2018 Emotional Impact of Movies Task to predict the expected valence and arousal continuously in movies. This task, using the LIRIS-ACCEDE dataset, enables researchers to compare different approaches for predicting viewer impact from movies. Our approach leverages image, audio, and face based features computed using pre-trained neural networks. These features were computed over time and modeled using a gated recurrent unit (GRU) based network followed by a mixture of experts model to compute multiclass predictions. We smoothed these predictions using a Butterworth filter for our final result. Our method enabled us to achieve top performance in three evaluation metrics in the MediaEval 2018 task.

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