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On-device Few-shot Personalization for Real-time Gaze Estimation

Junfeng He
Khoi Pham
Chase Riley Roberts
Dmitry Lagun
ICCV 2019 Gaze workshop


Recent research has demonstrated the ability to estimate user’s gaze on mobile devices, by performing inference from an image captured with the phone’s front-facing camera, and without requiring specialized hardware. Gaze estimation accuracy is known to improve with additional calibration data from the user. However, most existing methods require either significant number of calibration points or computationally intensive model fine-tuning that is practically infeasible on a mobile device. In this paper, we overcome limitations of prior work by proposing a novel few-shot personalization approach for 2D gaze estimation. Compared to the best calibration-free model [11], the proposed method yields substantial improvements in gaze prediction accuracy (24%) using only 3 calibration points in contrast to previous personalized models that offer less improvement while requiring more calibration points. The proposed model requires 20x fewer FLOPS than the state-of-the-art personalized model [11] and can be run entirely on-device and in real-time, thereby unlocking a variety of important applications like accessibility, gaming and human-computer interaction.