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Google COVID-19 Vaccination Search Insights: Anonymization Process Description

Adam Boulanger
Akim Kumok
Arti Patankar
Benjamin Miller
Chaitanya Kamath
Charlotte Stanton
Chris Scott
Damien Desfontaines
Evgeniy Gabrilovich
Gregory A. Wellenius
John S. Davis
Karen Lee Smith
Krishna Kumar Gadepalli
Mark Young
Shailesh Bavadekar
Tague Griffith
Yael Mayer
Arxiv.org (2021)


This report describes the aggregation and anonymization process applied to the COVID-19 Vaccination Search Insights~\cite{vaccination}, a publicly available dataset showing aggregated and anonymized trends in Google searches related to COVID-19 vaccination. The applied anonymization techniques protect every user’s daily search activity related to COVID-19 vaccinations with $(\varepsilon, \delta)$-differential privacy for $\varepsilon = 2.19$ and $\delta = 10^{-5}$.