Efficient Heterogeneous Video Segmentation at the Edge

Jamie Lin
Siargey Pisarchyk
David Cong Tian
Tingbo Hou
Sixth Workshop on Computer Vision for AR/VR (CV4ARVR)(2022)


We introduce an efficient video segmentation system for resource-limited edge devices leveraging heterogeneous compute. Specifically, we design network models by searching across multiple dimensions of specifications for the neural architectures and operations on top of already light-weight backbones, targeting commercially available edge inference engines. We further analyze and optimize the heterogeneous data flows in our systems across the CPU, the GPU and the NPU. Our approach has empirically factored well into our real-time AR system, enabling remarkably higher accuracy with quadrupled effective resolutions, yet at much shorter end-to-end latency, much higher frame rate, and even lower power consumption on edge platforms.