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Yuan Hao

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    Preview abstract Transferring knowledge from an image synthesis model trained on a large dataset is a promising direction for learning generative image models from various domains efficiently. While previous works have studied GAN models, we present a recipe for learning vision transformers by generative knowledge transfer. We base our framework on state-of-the-art generative vision transformers that represent an image as a sequence of visual tokens to the autoregressive or non-autoregressive transformers. To adapt to a new domain, we employ prompt tuning, which prepends learnable tokens called prompt to the image token sequence, and introduce a new prompt design for our task. We study on a variety of visual domains, including visual task adaptation benchmark, with varying amount of training images, and show effectiveness of knowledge transfer and a significantly better image generation quality over existing works. View details
    Preview abstract This paper introduces a Masked Generative Video Transformer, named MAGVIT, for multi-task video generation. We train a single MAGVIT model and apply it to multiple video generation tasks at inference time. To this end, two new designs are proposed: an improved 3D tokenizer model to quantize a video into spatial-temporal visual tokens, and a novel technique to embed conditions inside the mask to facilitate multi-task training. We conduct extensive experiments to demonstrate the compelling quality, efficiency, and flexibility of the proposed model. First, MAGVIT radically improves the previous best fidelity on two video generation tasks. In terms of efficiency, MAGVIT offers leading video generation speed at inference time, which is estimated to be one or two orders-of-magnitudes faster than other models. As for flexibility, we verified that a single trained MAGVIT is able to generically perform 8+ tasks at several video benchmarks from drastically different visual domains. We will open source our framework and models. View details
    BLT: Bi-directional Layout Transformer for Controllable Layout Generation
    Xiang Kong
    Lu Jiang
    Huiwen Chang
    Han Zhang
    Haifeng Gong
    ECCV (2022)
    Preview abstract Creating visual layouts is a critical step in graphic design. Automatic generation of such layouts is essential for scalable and diverse visual designs. To advance conditional layout generation, we introduce BLT, a bidirectional layout transformer. BLT differs from previous work on transformers in adopting non-autoregressive transformers. In training, BLT learns to predict the masked attributes by attending to surrounding attributes in two directions. During inference, BLT first generates a draft layout from the input and then iteratively refines it into a high-quality layout by masking out low-confident attributes. The masks generated in both training and inference are controlled by a new hierarchical sampling policy. We verify the proposed model on six benchmarks of diverse design tasks. Experimental results demonstrate two benefits compared to the state-of-the-art layout transformer models. First, our model empowers layout transformers to fulfill controllable layout generation. Second, it achieves up to 10x speedup in generating a layout at inference time than the layout transformer baseline. View details
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