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    Creativity, Generative AI, and Software Development: A Research Agenda
    Victoria Jackson
    Bogdan Vasilescu
    Daniel Russo
    Paul Ralph
    Maliheh Izadi
    Rafael Prikladnicki
    Anielle Lisboa
    Andre van der Hoek
    Preview abstract Creativity has always been considered a major differentiator to separate the good from the great, and we believe the importance of creativity to software development will only increase as GenAI becomes embedded in developer tool-chains and working practices. This paper uses the McLuhan tetrad alongside scenarios of how GenAI may disrupt software development more broadly, to identify potential impacts GenAI may have on creativity within software development. The impacts are discussed along with a future research agenda comprising of six connected themes that consider how individual capabilities, team capabilities, the product, unintended consequences, society, and human aspects can be affected. View details
    Preview abstract Creativity is an essential part of software engineering. In this column, we describe our approach and insights into how software developers define creativity in their work. Our findings suggest that creativity in software engineering centers on the concepts of clever reuse over pure novelty. View details
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