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Roger Piqueras Jover

Roger Piqueras Jover

Roger Piqueras Jover is a Software Engineer in the Android Platform Security team. Tech Lead/Manager of the Connectivity Security Team within Android Platform Security, overseeing pivotal initiatives focused on enhancing cellular network security and strengthening cellular baseband firmware defenses. Manager of a team of software engineers, responsible of designing, building, shipping, and maintaining Android infrastructure tailored to fortify devices against False Base Station attacks and IMSI catchers.

Prior to Google he led the cellular security strategy and team in the AT&T Security Research Center and was a technical leader in mobile platform security, network security, and intrusion detection at Bloomberg LP.

A full list of publications, talks, blogs and patents can be found in his personal page and his LinkedIn profile.
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    Security & Privacy Product Inclusion
    Dave Kleidermacher
    Emmanuel Arriaga
    Eric Wang
    Sebastian Porst
    Arxive (2024)
    Preview abstract In this paper, we explore the challenges of ensuring security and privacy for users from diverse demographic backgrounds. We propose a threat modeling approach to identify potential risks and countermeasures for product inclusion in security and privacy. We discuss various factors that can affect a user's ability to achieve a high level of security and privacy, including low-income demographics, poor connectivity, shared device usage, ML fairness, etc. We present results from a global security and privacy user experience survey and discuss the implications for product developers. Our work highlights the need for a more inclusive approach to security and privacy and provides a framework for researchers and practitioners to consider when designing products and services for a diverse range of users. View details
    The Android Platform Security Model (2023)
    Jeff Vander Stoep
    Chad Brubaker
    Dianne Hackborn
    Michael Specter
    Arxiv, Cornell University (2023)
    Preview abstract Android is the most widely deployed end-user focused operating system. With its growing set of use cases encompassing communication, navigation, media consumption, entertainment, finance, health, and access to sensors, actuators, cameras, or microphones, its underlying security model needs to address a host of practical threats in a wide variety of scenarios while being useful to non-security experts. To support this flexibility, Android’s security model must strike a difficult balance between security, privacy, and usability for end users; provide assurances for app developers; and maintain system performance under tight hardware constraints. This paper aims to both document the assumed threat model and discuss its implications, with a focus on the ecosystem context in which Android exists. We analyze how different security measures in past and current Android implementations work together to mitigate these threats, and, where there are special cases in applying the security model in practice; we discuss these deliberate deviations and examine their impact. View details
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