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    Preview abstract INF566 is a class at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, that covers designing successful protocols in the context of RFC5218. This presentation is a guest lecture that is to be given in the class, particularly focusing on the challenges of using SNMP for visibility into network state. The lecture describes why we need visibility into state as part of automation frameworks, and highlights why the existing SNMP implementation doesn't meet operational requirements. It provides some background into the problem space that streaming telemetry aims to address, and subsequently covers the lessons learnt from developing the technology - particularly comparing those lessons to those that are described in 5218. View details
    End-to-End Open Network Management
    Open Networking Summit, San Jose, CA (2019)
    Preview abstract Despite remarkable developments in open networking and SDN, a critical element of operating any network, the management plane, remains an afterthought. As the control and data planes open up, users are still firmly locked into a myriad of proprietary CLIs, APIs, and extensions to configure and monitor the network. In this talk, the presenters will describe a new way of managing, monitoring, and testing networking systems that is vendor-independent, comprehensive, and devised by a broad set of network operators collaborating with equipment and software vendors. The technologies in this ecosystem are designed for automated management systems and include open source data models, development tools, management protocols, and reference implementations. With these tools, the industry have an open, end-to-end open architecture that finally brings network management into the modern SDN era. View details
    Preview abstract Modern networks have significantly outpaced the monitoring capabilities of SNMP and command-line scraping. Over the last three years we at Google have been working with members of the networking industry via the OpenConfig.net effort to redefine network monitoring. We have now deployed Streaming Telemetry in production to monitor devices from multiple vendors. We will talk about the experience and highlight the open source components we are providing to the community to accelerate industry-wide adoption. View details
    Preview abstract Over the last 4 years, work has been done in the IETF to introduce a new mechanism for source-based routing to MPLS. Segment Routing (being standardised in the SPRING working group of the IETF) uses stacks of MPLS labels to encode a path through the network as a set of forwarding resources. This lecture covers an introduction to MPLS, looks at the architecture of today's networks using RSVP-TE, and analyses RSVP-TE's success in the context of RFC5218 - a set of observations as to what makes for successful protocols. With this background, Segment Routing is introduced, and compared to RSVP-TE, concluding with some observations as to its potential success as a new source routing approach within modern networks. View details
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