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Krzysztof Czuba

Krzysztof Czuba

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    Semantic Search via XML Fragments: A High Precision Approach to IR
    Jennifer Chu-Carroll
    John Prager
    David Ferrucci
    Pablo Duboue
    Proc. 29th ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, ACM, Seattle, WA (2006), pp. 445-452
    A Multi-Agent Approach to Using Redundancy and Reinforcement in Question Answering
    John M. Prager
    Jennifer Chu-Carroll
    New Directions in Question Answering (2004), pp. 237-252
    Question Answering Using Constraint Satisfaction: QA-By-Dossier-With-Contraints
    John M. Prager
    Jennifer Chu-Carroll
    ACL (2004), pp. 574-581
    The JAVELIN Question-Answering System at TREC 2002
    Eric Nyberg
    Teruko Mitamura
    Jaime G. Carbonell
    James P. Callan
    Kevyn Collins-Thompson
    Michael Duggan
    Laurie Hiyakumoto
    N. Hu
    Yifen Huang
    Lucian Vlad Lita
    S. Murtagh
    Vasco Pedro
    David Svoboda
    TREC (2002)
    Efficient parsing strategies for syntactic analysis of closed captions
    ANLP (2000), pp. 7-12