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Eric Brewer

Eric Brewer

Leads work on giant-scale systems, including early cloud computing, scalable clusters, and the CAP theorem.
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    Preview abstract Spanner is Google's highly available global-scale distributed database. It provides strong consistency for all transactions. This combination of availability and consistency over the wide area is generally considered impossible due to the CAP Theorem. We show how Spanner achieves this combination and why it is consistent with CAP. We also explore the role that TrueTime, Google's globally synchronized clock, plays in consistency for reads and especially for snapshots that enable consistent and repeatable analytics. View details
    Borg, Omega, and Kubernetes
    Brendan Burns
    Brian Grant
    David Oppenheimer
    ACM Queue, vol. 14 (2016), pp. 70-93
    Preview abstract Lessons learned from three container management systems over a decade. View details
    Disks for Data Centers
    Lawrence Ying
    Lawrence Greenfield
    Robert Cypher
    Google (2016), pp. 1-16
    Preview abstract Disks form the central element of Cloud-based storage, whose demand far outpaces the considerable rate of innovation in disks. Exponential growth in demand, already in progress for 15+ years, implies that most future disks will be in data centers and thus part of a large collection of disks. We describe the “collection view” of disks and how it and the focus on tail latency, driven by live services, place new and different requirements on disks. Beyond defining key metrics for data-center disks, we explore a range of new physical design options and changes to firmware that could improve these metrics. We hope this is the beginning of a new era of “data center” disks and a new broad and open discussion about how to evolve disks for data centers. The ideas presented here provide some guidance and some options, but we believe the best solutions will come from the combined efforts of industry, academia and other large customers. View details
    The Claremont report on database research
    Rakesh Agrawal
    Anastasia Ailamaki
    Philip A. Bernstein
    Michael J. Carey
    Surajit Chaudhuri
    Anhai Doan
    Daniela Florescu
    Michael J. Franklin
    Hector Garcia-Molina
    Johannes Gehrke
    Le Gruenwald
    Laura M. Haas
    Alon Y. Halevy
    Joseph M. Hellerstein
    Yannis E. Ioannidis
    Hank F. Korth
    Donald Kossmann
    Samuel Madden
    Roger Magoulas
    Beng Chin Ooi
    Tim O'Reilly
    Raghu Ramakrishnan
    Sunita Sarawagi
    Michael Stonebraker
    Alexander S. Szalay
    Gerhard Weikum
    Commun. ACM, vol. 52 (2009), pp. 56-65
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