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Robert Hundt


Robert Hundt received a degree in Computer Science from Technical University in Munich in 1992. Until 1999 he worked for Terrasat GmbH in Germany, a 20+ people R&D company he co-owned. He played many roles - from company lead to booth cat - while writing and optimizing software for surveying and navigation with satellite systems.

In 2000 he started working for Hewlett-Packard Company in California on bringing up the new and scalable high-level optimizer SYZYGY for the HP C/C++/FORTRAN compilers with a new inter-procedural optimizer, a new loop optimizer, and a new scalar optimizer. Before joining the compiler group, Robert was responsible for dynamic binary instrumentation for Intel Itanium processors, co-creating and designing the performance analysis tool HP Caliper.

Since beginning of 2007 Robert has been working for Google. He created various compiler and performance projects, e.g., he served as Tech Lead for compiler optimization for servers (x86), Android (ARM), and GPUs (open-source CUDA compiler), built datacenter profiling and performance analysis tools, and worked on GMail/Apps performance, from Chrome to datacenter. For many years Robert was the SW lead for Google TPU - supercomputers to accelerate machine learning inference and training, which include the open-source TensorFlow compiler XLA. Today he is working on the open-source High-Level Synthesis toolchain XLS and dabbles in Quantum Computing. He remains strongly engaged in compiler and datacenter research.

In real life, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing the piano (at which he sucks), playing Volleyball (which he used to do fairly well) and everything related to delicious high quality food (his main reason for joining Google ;-)

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