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COVID-19 Open Data


This repository contains datasets of daily time-series data related to COVID-19 for countries around the world. The data is at the spatial resolution of states/provinces for most regions and at county/municipality resolution for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, United Kingdom, USA, and others. All regions are assigned a unique location key, which resolves discrepancies between ISO / NUTS / FIPS codes, etc.

The different aggregation levels are:

  1. Country
  2. Province, state, or local equivalent
  3. Municipality, county, or local equivalent
  4. Locality which may not follow strict hierarchical order, such as "city" or "nursing homes in X location"

There are multiple types of data:

  • Outcome data Y(i,t), such as cases, tests, hospitalizations, deaths and recoveries, for region i and time t
  • Static covariate data X(i), such as population size, health statistics, economic indicators, geographic boundaries
  • Dynamic covariate data X(i,t), such as mobility, search trends, weather, and government interventions.