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V-SMART-Join: A Scalable MapReduce Framework for All-Pair Similarity Joins of Multisets and Vectors

Ahmed Metwally
Christos Faloutsos
PVLDB Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, vol. 5 (2012), pp. 704-715


This work proposes V-SMART-Join, a scalable MapReduce-based framework for discovering all pairs of similar entities. The V-SMART-Join framework is applicable to sets, multisets, and vectors. V-SMART-Join is motivated by the observed skew in the underlying distributions of Internet traffic, and is a family of 2-stage algorithms, where the first stage computes and joins the partial results, and the second stage computes the similarity exactly for all candidate pairs. The V-SMART-Join algorithms are very efficient and scalable in the number of entities, as well as their cardinalities. They were up to 30 times faster than the state of the art algorithm, VCL, when compared on a real dataset of a small size. We also established the scalability of the proposed algorithms by running them on a dataset of a realistic size, on which VCL never succeeded to finish. Experiments were run using real datasets of IPs and cookies, where each IP is represented as a multiset of cookies, and the goal is to discover similar IPs to identify Internet proxies.