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Sense Anaphoric Pronouns: Am I One?

Zhichao Hu
Olivia Rhinehart
Proceedings of the Workshop on Coreference Resolution Beyond OntoNotes (CORBON 2016), pp. 1-6


This paper focuses on identity-of-sense anaphoric relations, in which the sense is shared but not the referent. We are not restricted to the pronoun "one", the focus of the small body of previous NLP work on this phenomenon, but look at a wider range of pronouns ("that", "some", "another", etc.). We develop annotation guidelines, enrich a third of English OntoNotes with sense anaphora annotations, and shed light onto this phenomenon from a corpus-based perspective. We release the annotated data as part of the SAnaNotes corpus. We also use this corpus to develop a learning-based classifier to identify sense anaphoric uses, showing both the power and limitations of local features.