Reducing Time-To-Fix For Fuzzer Bugs

Rui Abreu
Hadi Ravanbakhsh
Ramesh Viswanathan
36th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering(2021)


At Google, fuzzing C/C++ libraries has discovered tens of thousands of security and robustness bugs. However, these bugs are often reported much after they were introduced. Developers are provided only with fault-inducing test inputs and replication instructions that highlight a crash, but additional debugging information may be needed to localize the cause of the bug. Hence, developers need to spend substantial time debugging the code and identifying commits that introduced the bug. In this paper, we discuss our experience with automating a fuzzing-enabled bisection that pinpoints the commit in which the crash first manifests itself. This ultimately reduces the time critical bugs stay open in our code base. We report on our experience over the past year, which shows that developers fix bugs on average 2.23 times faster when aided by this automated analysis.