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Readiness: Getting the balance right

  • Cathy Speed
  • Robert Keith Harle


Readiness is a broad term that means the state of being fully prepared for an action or event, whether physically, physiologically or psychologically. There is no single definitive evidence-based marker for 'whole person readiness'. In this paper we explore the concept of readiness and focus on ways in which physiological readiness can be quantified. Physiological readiness and an individual's performance is related to metabolic, hormonal, immunological, inflammatory, haematological, autonomic and cardiovascular responses to loads. We argue it is impossible, and unnecessary, to measure them all. Instead we discuss the use of a small number of relevant biomarkers that together serve as a readiness tool. We focus on the use of wrist-worn wearable technology to allow these biomarkers to be measured in an individual way on a continuous and reliable basis.

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