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Polygeist: Affine C in MLIR



We present Polygeist, a new tool that reroutes polyhedral compilation flows to use the representation available in the recent MLIR compilation infrastructure. It consists of two parts: a C and C++ frontend capable of converting a wide variety of existing codes into MLIR suitable for polyhedral transformation, and a bi-directional conversion between MLIR's polyhedral representation and existing polyhedral exchange formats. We demonstrate the \tool flow by converting the entire Polybench/C benchmark suite into MLIR, and by performing an IR-to-IR optimization leveraging an existing polyhedral compiler (Pluto). Our flow produces results comparable to the state-of-the-art compiler, enabling direct comparison of source-to-source and IR-to-binary compilers. We believe Polygeist can improve the interoperation between MLIR and the existing polyhedral tooling ultimately benefiting both the research and the production compiler communities.

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