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Clinicians’ Experiences with EHR Documentation and Attitudes Toward AI-Assisted Documentation

  • Grace Hong, BA*
  • Lauren Wilcox, PhD*
  • Amelia Sattler, MD
  • Samuel Thomas, MD
  • Nina Gonzalez, MD
  • Marissa Smith, PhD
  • John Hernandez, PhD
  • Margaret Smith, MBA
  • Steven Lin, MD
  • Robert Harrington, MD
Stanford and Google (2020)


In September 2019, Stanford Medicine and Google Health conducted a comprehensive study of primary care providers’ (PCP) experiences with documentation in the electronic health record (EHR), and their attitudes toward artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted documentation. This study surveyed 50 PCPs at Stanford Medicine in Phase 1, and an additional 204 PCPs across the United States in Phase 2. This report is a synthesis of the findings across both studies.

The goals for this research were to learn about primary care providers' 1. Documentation tasks, workflows, and time commitment; 2. Perspectives on the most cognitively helpful and clerically burdensome aspects of documentation; 3. Preferences for AI-enabled assistance with specific documentation tasks; 4. Perspectives and lessons learned from experiences with human scribe-enabled documentation;

This report aims to inform the design of the next generation of AI-enabled documentation technologies for primary care providers, based on an in-depth understanding of their workflow, needs, attitudes, and preferences.

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