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Saliency Maps for Point Clouds

  • Gustavo Sandri
  • Phil Chou
  • Ricardo de Queiroz
  • Victor F. Figueiredo
Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP), IEEE (2020)


Algorithms for creating saliency maps are well established for images, even though there is no literature on such methods for point clouds. We use orthographic projections in 2D planes which are subject to well established saliency detection algorithms to create a 3D saliency map. The results of each saliency map are projected to the 3D voxels and the results of the many projections are used to generate a 3D saliency map. Simple compression tests were carried using soft region-of-interest maps. Results have shown an increase in the quality of the voxels inside the selective regions of increased levels of interest.

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