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Have Your Text and Use It Too! End-to-End Neural Data-to-Text Generation with Semantic Fidelity

The 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2020) (to appear)


End-to-end neural data-to-text (D2T) generation has recently emerged as an alternative to pipeline-based architectures. However, it has faced challenges in generalizing to new domains and generating semantically consistent text. In this work, we present DATATUNER, a neural, end-to-end data-to-text generation system that makes minimal assumptions about the data representation and the target domain. We take a two-stage generation-reranking approach, combining a fine-tuned language model with a semantic fidelity classifier. Each of our components is learnt end-to-end without the need for dataset-specific heuristics, entity delexicalization, or post-processing. We show that DATATUNER achieves state of the art results on the automated metrics across four major D2T datasets (LDC2017T10, WebNLG, ViGGO, and Cleaned E2E), with a fluency assessed by human annotators nearing or exceeding the human-written reference texts. We further demonstrate that the model-based semantic fidelity scorer in DATATUNER is a better assessment tool compared to traditional, heuristic-based measures. Our generated text has a significantly better semantic fidelity than the state of the art across all four datasets.

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