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Interactive Wood Fracture

  • Torsten Hädrich
  • Jan Scheffczyk
  • Wojciech Pałubicki
  • Sören Pirk
  • Dominik L. Michels
Eurographics / ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Computer Animation - Posters (2020)


The simulation of tree dynamics while taking into account the anisotropic property of wood. We propose a new approach for the simulation of wood as an anisotropic material that takes the inherent fibre structure of wood into account. Our approach is based on the Position-based Dynamics framework. We use the Shape Matching approach as the basis for modeling the isotropic part of wood. For simulating anisotropic behavior we employ a fibre model based on Cosserat theory. Our approach supports dynamic fracturing and captures typical breaking patterns of wood.

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