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Interactive Gibson: Benchmark for Interactive Navigation in Cluttered Environments

  • Fei Xia
  • Chengshu Eric Li
  • William Shen
  • Priya Kasimbeg
  • Roberto Martin-Martin
  • Alexander Toshev
  • Silvio Savarese
RA-L (2020) (to appear)


We present Interactive Gibson, the first comprehensive benchmark for training and evaluating Interactive Navigation: robot navigation strategies where physical interaction with objects is allowed and even encouraged to accomplish a task. For example, the robot can move objects if needed in order to clear a path leading to the goal location. Our benchmark comprises two novel elements: 1) a new experimental setup, the Interactive Gibson Environment, which simulates high fidelity visuals of indoor scenes, and high fidelity physical dynamics of the robot and common objects found in these scenes; 2) a set of Interactive Navigation metrics which allows one to study the interplay between navigation and physical interaction. We present and evaluate multiple learning-based baselines in Interactive Gibson, and provide insights into regimes of navigation with different trade-offs between navigation path efficiency and disturbance of surrounding objects. We make our benchmark publicly available(this https URL) and encourage researchers from all disciplines in robotics (e.g. planning, learning, control) to propose, evaluate, and compare their Interactive Navigation solutions in Interactive Gibson.

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