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Steadiface: Real-Time Face-Centric Stabilization on Mobile Phones

ICIP, IEEE (2019)


We present Steadiface, a new real-time face-centric video stabilization method that simultaneously removes hand shake and keeps subject's head stable. We use a CNN to estimate the face landmarks and use them to optimize a stabilized head center. We then formulate an optimization problem to find a virtual camera pose that locates the face to the stabilized head center while retains smooth rotation and translation transitions across frames. We tested the proposed method on field test videos and shows it can stabilize both the head motion and background. It is robust to large head pose, occlusion, facial appearance variations, and different kinds of camera motions. We show our method advances the state of art in selfie video stabilization by comparing against alternative methods. The whole process runs very efficiently on a modern mobile phone (8.1 ms/frame).

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