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Crowdsourcing Images for Global Diversity

  • Peggy Chi
  • Matthew Long
  • Akshay Gaur
  • Abhimanyu Kumar Deora
  • Anurag Batra
  • Daphne Luong
MobileHCI 2019: The 21st International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (2019)


Crowdsourcing enables human workers to perform designated tasks unbounded by time and location. As mobile devices and embedded cameras have become widely available, we deployed an image capture task globally for more geographically diverse images. Via our micro-crowdsourcing mobile application, users capture images of surrounding subjects, tag with keywords, and can choose to open source their work. We open-sourced 478,000 images collected from worldwide users as a dataset “Open Images Extended” that aims to add global diversity to imagery training data. We describe our approach and workers’ feedback through survey responses from 171 global contributors to this task.

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