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Deep determinantal generative classifier: robustness on noisy and adversarial samples

  • Kimin Lee
  • Sukmin Yun
  • Kibok Lee
  • Honglak Lee
  • Bo Li
  • Jinwoo Shin
ICML (2019) (to appear)


Large-scale datasets may contain significant proportions of noisy (incorrect) class labels, and it is well-known that modern deep neural networks (DNNs) poorly generalize from such noisy training datasets. To mitigate the issue, we propose a novel inference method, termed Robust Generative classifier (RoG), applicable to any discriminative (e.g., softmax) neural classifier pre-trained on noisy datasets. In particular, we induce a generative classifier on top of hidden feature spaces of the pre-trained DNNs, for obtaining a more robust decision boundary. By estimating the parameters of generative classifier using the minimum covariance determinant estimator, we significantly improve the classification accuracy with neither re-training of the deep model nor changing its architectures. With the assumption of Gaussian distribution for features, we prove that RoG generalizes better than baselines under noisy labels. Finally, we propose the ensemble version of RoG to improve its performance by investigating the layer-wise characteristics of DNNs. Our extensive experimental results demonstrate the superiority of RoG given different learning models optimized by several training techniques to handle diverse scenarios of noisy labels.

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