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MTF Measurements of Wide Field of View Cameras

  • Boyd Fowler
  • Jonathan Phillips
  • Sam Kavusi
  • Vlad Cardei
2016 IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging (EI 2016), Hilton San Francisco Union Square in San Francisco, California, 14-18 February 2016


In this paper we present an algorithm for estimating camera system modulation transfer function (MTF) from highly distorted images. This algorithm estimates multiple oversampled line spread functions using different order polynomials and binning. The ensemble of oversampled line spread functions (LSF) are used to estimate the final system MTF. Moreover, LSF derived from the highest order polynomial without overfitting is used to estimated system MTF. We show the performance of this algorithm on synthetically generated images and on image captures from a commercially available camera. We compare this algorithm to the ISO 12233 standard.

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