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Sound source separation using phase difference and reliable mask selection

ICASSP (2018) (to appear)


In this paper, we present an algorithm called Reliable Mask Selection- Phase Difference Channel Weighting (RMS-PDCW) which selects the target source masked by a noise source using the Angle of Arrival (AoA) information calculated using the phase difference informa- tion. The RMS-PDCW algorithm selects masks to apply using the information about the localized sound source and the onset detec- tion of speech. We demonstrate that this algorithm shows relatively 5.3 percent improvement over the baseline acoustic model, which was multistyle-trained using 22 million utterances on the simulated test set consisting of real-world and interfering-speaker noise with reverberation time distribution between 0 ms and 900 ms and SNR distribution between 0 dB up to clean.

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