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Introduction to the Issue on Signal Processing for Big Data

  • Georgios B Giannakis
  • Raphael Cendrillon
  • Volkan Cevher
  • Ananthram Swami
  • Zhi Tian
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, vol. 9 (2015), pp. 583-585


With the Internet, social media, wireless mobile devices, and pervasive sensors continuously collecting massive amounts of data, we undoubtedly live in an era of β€œdata deluge.” Learning from such huge volumes of data however, promises ground-breaking advances in science and engineering along with consequent improvements in quality of life. Indeed, mining information from big data could limit the spread of epidemics and diseases, identify trends in financial and e-markets, unveil topologies and dynamics of emergent social-computational systems, accelerate brain imaging, neuroscience and systems biology models, and also protect critical infrastructure including the power grid and the Internet's backbone network.

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