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Optimal Hashing Schemes for Entity Matching

  • Nilesh Dalvi
  • Vibhor Rastogi
  • Anirban Dasgupta
  • Anish Das Sarma
  • Tamas Sarlos
22nd International World Wide Web Conference, WWW '13, ACM, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2013), pp. 295-306


In this paper, we consider the problem of devising blocking schemes for entity matching. There is a lot of work on blocking techniques for supporting various kinds of predicates, e.g. exact matches, fuzzy string-similarity matches, and spatial matches. However, given a complex entity matching function in the form of a Boolean expression over several such predicates, we show that it is an important and non-trivial problem to combine the individual blocking techniques into an efficient blocking scheme for the entity matching function, a problem that has not been studied previously.

In this paper, we make fundamental contributions to this problem. We consider an abstraction for modeling complex entity matching functions as well as blocking schemes. We present several results of theoretical and practical interest for the problem. We show that in general, the problem of computing the optimal blocking strategy is NP-hard in the size of the DNF formula describing the matching function. We also present several algorithms for computing the exact optimal strategies (with exponential complexity, but often feasible in practice) as well as fast approximation algorithms. We experimentally demonstrate over commercially used rule-based matching systems over real datasets at Yahoo!, as well as synthetic datasets, that our blocking strategies can be an order of magnitude faster than the baseline methods, and our algorithms can efficiently find good blocking strategies.

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