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Google Fusion Tables: Data Management, Integration, and Collaboration in the Cloud

  • Hector Gonzalez
  • Alon Halevy
  • Christian Jensen
  • Anno Langen
  • Jayant Madhavan
  • Rebecca Shapley
  • Warren Shen
Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SOCC) (2010)


Google Fusion Tables is a cloud-based service for data management and integration. Fusion Tables enables users to upload tabular data les (spreadsheets, CSV, KML), currently of up to 100MB. The system provides several ways of visualizing the data (e.g., charts, maps, and timelines) and the ability to filter and aggregate the data. It supports the integration of data from multiple sources by performing joins across tables that may belong to di erent users. Users can keep the data private, share it with a select set of collaborators, or make it public and thus crawlable by search engines. The discussion feature of Fusion Tables allows collaborators to conduct detailed discussions of the data at the level of tables and individual rows, columns, and cells. This paper describes the inner workings of Fusion Tables, including the storage of data in the system and the tight integration with the Google Maps infrastructure.

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